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Quick Launch Menu web part

  Asked By: Patrick    Date: Jan 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4516

When creating a web part page on a team site, there is no way to display the
quick launch menu. I could manipulate the page with SharePoint Designer to
display the Quick Launch menu, but it becomes "customized". This technique also
can't be used when deploying from development to production.

I created a "Quick Launch Menu" web part to resolve this. This web part works,
but the look-and-feel could be closer to the actual Quick Launch menu. Has
anyone developed a Quick Launch web part?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Bhairavi Damle     Answered On: Jan 18

You could also add a custom web  part page  template to the 12 hive that doesn't
mask out the QuickLaunch bar. The reason it doesn't show on the normal web part
page is because the PlaceholderLeftNavBar(something like that) is on the page
and the QuickLaunch is actually in the placeholder of the master as default
content. In Designer you can remove the placeholder from the web part  page and
the quicklaunch comes back. But as you say that customizes the page. Adding an
additional web part page choice to the selections when creating  a web part page
is possible. This will result in a web part page with the quicklaunch that is
not customized.

See this article on my BLOG for steps on how to add your own custom pages to the
create menu.

Answer #2    Answered By: Leeann Hull     Answered On: Jan 18

you can display  Wep part  page in quick  launch menu

go to site  Actions -> site Settings -> navigation[under look and feel]

there you can customize quick launch..

Answer #3    Answered By: Vaasu Radhakrishna     Answered On: Jan 18

I have the opposite problem. When I display  the web  part
page, there is no way to see the Quick Launch menu. This occurs when the site
template is inherited from a WSS team  site (It's okay with a publishing site).

Answer #4    Answered By: Brinda Bca     Answered On: Jan 18

My idea will make quicklaunch show up on everypage by default. So if there are
some pages that you don't want it, you will have to use a different masterpage
for those pages. But what you can do it open your masterpage in SharePoint
Designer. Find the QuickLaunch menu  code and move it outside of the content
placeholder. so essentially find the closing tag and move it infront of the
quicklaunch code (don't delete it is still needed) So you should see something
like runat="server"> QuickLaunchMenu and its code </asp:ContentPlaceHolder>
Move the closing tag so its goes like
runat="server"></asp:ContentPlaceHolder> QuickLaunchMenu and its code

Hope that helps. This will also put the menu on basic pages as well which you
can't get quicklaunch on now.

Answer #5    Answered By: Sheryl Velez     Answered On: Jan 18

Here's a blog entry I wrote about utilizing the SiteData web  service with no
code. This solution might be a fit for what you're trying to do.


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