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Quick Launch Flyouts on _Layouts pages

  Asked By: Conor    Date: Jun 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2250

We just turned ON the flyouts on the top nav and the quick launch.
(both default and application master pages) However, we noticed that
the flyouts do NOT show on pages that have _layouts.

For example, if you went to "View All site Content" the navigation is
expanded. I dug into the code to see if we missed the aspmenu for the
quick launch on the application.master. Looks like the quicklaunch is
inherited from the default.master in the corresponding content
placeholder. Now, if my default.master is set to have quicklaunch
flyouts, should'nt it show up on my _layouts pages too?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Lakeshia Gould     Answered On: Jun 22

The Application.master doesn't inherit it's quicklaunch  from the
default.master. It's set  to have no Quicklaunch unless the content  page
overrides the LeftNav placeholders. I don't know of any pages  that do
that. That's why you don't see a quicklaunch.

The application.master loads the topnavbar from a .ascx control in the
controltemplates directory called TopNavBar.ascx. If you look at that
file you will find the aspmenu and sitemapdatasource used by pages in
_layouts. The sitemapdatasource is bound to the SPNavigationProvider,
which by default  I think only provides the root and one level of the
site hierarchy. If StaticDisplayLevels is set to 2 you won't get any
flyouts because the SPNavigationProvider only provides 2 levels.

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