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Quick key / shortcut key combo for switching between code view, spli

  Asked By: Raghav    Date: Mar 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2633

This may sound trivial, and I feel silly, but I have been using .Net since 1.0
mostly in Dream Weaver and Visual Studios, since SharePoint I have started using
SPDesigner and blend more and more, and in the whole entirety of all of this I
have never been enlightened as to a quick key / shortcut key combo for switching
between code view, split view, or design view, I know that you can use alt +
Tab to switch between apps i.e. going between VS to DW and so fourth; I use
ctrl + Tab to switch between open pages with in the apps i.e. say I have
Default.aspx, Default.Master, Core.css, and About Us.htm; but is there a quick
key / shortcut key combo for switching between code view, split view, or design
view of the current page open in the app i.e. I have Core.css open in design
view so I hit shft + alt + Tab and it switches to Code view, then I do it again
and then it switches to Split view? Or even a setting to set these commands /
properties in any of the mentioned apps (VS, DW, SPD, or B3)?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kendra Webb     Answered On: Mar 30

Why not get another monitor and split  views that way?

Answer #2    Answered By: Elizabeth Anderson     Answered On: Mar 30

How would you do that????????????

Answer #3    Answered By: Jerome Montgomery     Answered On: Mar 30


But you’ll also need the right hardware requirements:

and here’s a list of supported display adapters for multiple monitors.

I’m not a hardware guy though, I just teach Outlook.

Answer #4    Answered By: Serena Schwartz     Answered On: Mar 30

but I don't understand how that allows you to split
your Code View and Design View across multiple monitors from a single
instance of SharePoint Designer.

Answer #5    Answered By: Tiara Gross     Answered On: Mar 30

Try this in SPD.

Move between Code, Design, and Split views

Move between Code and Design panes in Split view

For Visual Studio 2005, these can be set  in Tools -> Options -> Environment
-> Keyboard.

View.ViewCode F7 Displays the selected item in Code view  of
the Editor.
View.ViewDesigner SHIFT + F7 Displays the selected item in Design view of
the Editor.

Although, for some unknown reason, these are not working in my installation.

And in DreamWeaver CS3.

The individual tabs do not have shortcuts assigned (you can do this in Edit
-> Keyboard Shortcuts), but you can toggle between views using CNTL + `
(that's the top left key  on a US keyboard)

Answer #6    Answered By: Frankie Figueroa     Answered On: Mar 30

I have gotten info from several sources:


ctrl + pageUp / pageDown, atl + pageUp / pageDown (have not verified this)

Visual Studios 2005 and up:

F7 toggles between code  behind page  and html Design view  page

Shift + F7 toggles between Design view and Code view of the html Design view

If these values do not work check your settings under tools > options>
environment> Keyboard (make sure you have the check box checked for "Show
all settings or you will not see keyboard")> the step from here is to reset
to the default  keyboard, or you can scroll down thru the commands and find
view.viewtoggle... and set  the ones you want manually

Dream Weaver MX and up:

Shift + F7