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questions regarding the SPS 2003

  Asked By: Jessica    Date: Nov 21    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 705

I have some serious questions regarding the SPS 2003

we are a group of companies and we are using SPS 2001 for the last one
year.For each company I have separate workspace. These workspace are
listed inside one group workspace like umbrella site.all the news,
announcements , events related to different companies which are public
are posted in the group workspace.They also post news related to company
in their workspace . Each company is having different departments like
Finance,Marketing ,Sales etc Most of the users are comfortable with
accessing documents thru web folders than browser.(still it is very
In SPS 2003 there is no concept like workspace . if I want to prepare a
deployment architecture like this I think I have to create different
virtual directory for each portal.
am I right ?
if I create different virtual directory the port number will be
Is there any limitations for number of portals supported in a server.
Is they any way to access the SPS 2003 document folders thru webfolder?
I think SPS2003 will create lots of problem during migration



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Answer #1    Answered By: Himanta Barthakur     Answered On: Nov 21

I hope I answer all your questions:

1. In SPS 2003, the concept of workspaces are now available via Sites,
where each sites have their own web parts (Announcements, Discussion
Boards, News, Events, etc. for that specific site)
2. You can create one portal and have multiple sites. You only need
multiple virtual directories if you are creating multiple portals. But
from what you are describing below, you only need one portal with
multiple sites to accomodate your workspaces.
3. I think the limitation on the number of portals is 10 (somebody out
there might verify or confirm this, not sure)
4. You can access the various document folders via the web folder. With
SPS 2003, you can have infinite number of document libraries, it just
all depends on which document library you want to access because this
will determine the URL. If you are looking at dumping your current
documents into SPS 2003, each document library has an explorer view
where it supports cut and paste (you do this in IE). The only problem I
encountered when moving my documents was that it did not allow me to
move documents if there was an "&" anywhere in the name. But you can
move your documents using either the web folders or the explorer view.

Answer #2    Answered By: Mansi Revenkar     Answered On: Nov 21

10 workspaces/server sounds like the old sps  2001 guideline.

For SharePoint 2003,

100 SharePoint portal sites per portal farm
10,000 SharePoint sites per SQL Server
50,000 SharePoint sites per farm


Answer #3    Answered By: Lizette Mcconnell     Answered On: Nov 21

5. You may enable the Web Storage System backward compatible feature which
enables you to connect to your existing SPSv1 "Document Folders". This might be
a great "migration-path" if your current installation holds a huge amount of
documents - maybe with the complexity of many metadata and workflow-features.

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