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  Asked By: Heena    Date: May 07    Category: MOSS    Views: 596

worked minimally with SharePoint 2003 and SPS in Small Business Server
and I've recently been put in charge of a new SharePoint 2007 pilot.
I've been working through the Microsoft Book on SharePoints 2007 but its
a lot of information to assimilate. I wonder if I could bounce a few
questions off the group to fill in some gaps. I'm looking forward to
some training in the next few months too.

Security - Is it advised to use or not to use Active Directory Security
groups in SharePoint? I created a new site collection, added an AD
Security Group under Home Owner and non of those people could login.
Not even when I added them manually. I finally removed the AD Group
they were in and everything worked fine. What did I do wrong?

I'm running STSADM to backup the (small) collection now and I've got the
SharePoint 2007 database connector for Netbackup on the way. What about
the SQL Backend? I'm certain that the backup grabs this data, but does
it initiate a SQL Backup and prune the log files? What about weekly
maintenance on the Database backend? Should I create a standard
maintenance plan for these DBs or does the SharePoint Extension take
care of all of this?

I've got a site collection running on server.domain.int right now, if I
want to bind it to something like.... portal.domain.com how do I do
this? Do I have to modify the SSP and the Site Collection? how about

Document Versions - Does SharePoint keep full versions of each document
or incremental? Does the Document Library's versioning in any way
integrate with document versioning built into word etc...?

Ok... so I create a subsite called /mini (for example) if later I want
to move that to /products/mini (after I create a products subsite) can I
do that? I assume yes using the export / import function of STSADM?

If you guys could help out that would be great. Even pointing me in the
right direction would be a HUGE help.



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