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Question about searching file shares using SPS 2003 search

  Asked By: Larissa    Date: May 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1207

Okay, so when I mentioned adding content sources to SPS 2003 search
so we could search network file shares, two IT folks at my job said
they can't imagine how SPS search could "know" who has rights to what
files from file shares. They assume that search will return file
share results regardless of rights, thus allowing folks to see
document titles and descriptions of documents they may not have the
right to access.

I said I can't imagine why Microsoft would promote this option if it
didn't have the necessary security feature in place. I doubt any
organization wants folks finding the names of files they can't/aren't
allowed to open.

I did some searching on this, and I found this info on content

Can anyone provide me w/ more resources stating exactly how this
works (I don't understand what a "protocol handler" is) and even step-
by-step for setting it up?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Baiju Hoskeri     Answered On: May 08

A very non technical answer for your techie people is that it used the
NTFS permissions on your shares  (rather than your share permissions)

If your shares are secured using ntfs permissions then the documents
wont be returned in results unless users have access to those documents

If your shares are only secured using share permissions then the
documents will be returned in results even though users cant access them

So, if you want to use search  against file  shares you have to first make
sure that the shares are secured with ntfs permissions.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kristy Hicks     Answered On: May 08

If they are using NTFS permissions, should I just give them this
information for them to set up the content source, index, etc.?

Would those instructions be enough to get them through this process,
or is there something better out there?

Thanks, again, for the quick response! I'm glad I'm not crazy and
that this is possible!

Answer #3    Answered By: Alisha Itagi     Answered On: May 08

If they want to know about setting NTFS permissions I would refer them


In case it wraps, here's a short version http://tinyurl.com/rpq8k

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