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Question regarding Mac User

  Asked By: Tejaswani    Date: Oct 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1221

I have a user whose AD profile, Windows workstation, and Mac laptop
were recently migrated from Active Directory domain A to Active
Directory domain B. He was able to access the SharePoint envrionment
from his Windows wks & his Mac laptop under domain A just fine.

After the migration, he is unable to access SharePoint from his Mac
machine. He can still access the environment from his Windows

Any ideas? I cannot understand why things would work one day and not the next.



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gobinda Navalagi     Answered On: Oct 23

Take a look at the following article about the STSADM migrateuser command. The
problem has to do with the change in Security Identifiers (SID) that took place
when the user  was migrated.


Answer #2    Answered By: Rose Silva     Answered On: Oct 23

I have been using the -migrateuser command for other
issues, I just haven't done it yet with this particular user.

Answer #3    Answered By: Maegan Ellison     Answered On: Oct 23

While we're on the subject of the -migrateuser command. I have noticed
that sometimes I get an error using the command and other times I get
a confimration message. It has been spotty and happens about 50/50 on
the two old AD domains I am migrating users from to the new AD domain
I am moving users to.

I have tried 'false' after -ignoresidhistory and other left it
blank--which defaults to 'false'. Yet, even with the error message,
the user  appears to have been migrated  okay.

Any ideas?

Answer #4    Answered By: Yahaira Shannon     Answered On: Oct 23

In this case I would recommend running it with -ignoresidhistory set to True.
The default is false which tries to verify that the new user  matches the old
user by comparing all the metadata for the user in both domains. The error
probably comes because something like Display name has changed as part of the
migration for some users. Setting it to true will still migrate the user, but
it will assume that you've actually chosen the right old and new user.

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