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Question reg. SPS upgrade to MOSS in an NLB & Clustered SQL Environment

  Asked By: Rishi    Date: Aug 19    Category: MOSS    Views: 857

This is an in place upgrade of SPS 2003 SP 2 to MOSS 2007

I have 3 front ends servers - 2 NLBed and one stand alone for
Indexing and 2 backend clustered SQL 2k servers. I was reading the
book and wanted to make sure I have the steps correct:

1. Install all necessary pr-requisite items (Framework, .NET, etc)
2. Run prescan and repair as needed if needed
3. Install on one of the front ends, prefereably the one you want to
be the designated management server.. dont do MOSS wizard
configuration at end, just wait and move to next step
4. Install on the other front ends, one at a time, don't (or do?)
let them run the configuration process (cancel at this point instead?)
5. After they are done continue the installation and configuration
process on the 1st one. Complete the wizard and also all the upgrade
tasks in the following section.


I guess my problem is (actually "was and is" since this is the second
time I try) what to do with the other two front end servers once I
have the install completed and they want to go on to the
configuration wizard portion. Do I cancel, Do I let them run and
click finish and then let them run the configuration tasks (probably
not if I understood correctly) or do I let them run, click finish and
then cancel at the begining of the configuration tasks. I believe
this is exactly where I messed up last time. Reading chapters 23 &
24 kinda confused me (ok, ok, maybe I'm easily confused.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kai Carney     Answered On: Aug 19


Above are the 2 links which I used to upgrade  our SPS farm, our farm was
more or like similar to what you have mentioned. I tried the in-place
upgrade for 3 times and it didnot work but then we had a back up plan -
moving the farm using DocAve 4.0 and it worked.

We had moved some 1000+ sites successfully. If the business is not in a
hurry you can try the in-place upgrade OR if the business cannot wait - try
DocAve. You get eval copies. For me the in-place did not work the way it
should have - or maybe I made some mistakes..

I would suggest using DocAve helps you in migaration as well as in backups!

Answer #2    Answered By: Gaurav Nemane     Answered On: Aug 19

I will definitely take a look at the links and see what they
bring me. Hopefully it'll work. Glad you got yours working.
Another success story to give me hope.