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Question on creating share-point package or use of third party tools

  Date: Oct 13    Category: MOSS    Views: 6566

I am new to share point and recently started work on an existing intranet
website in moss 2007. Did not do a lot of research before starting the work ( my
mistake) and ended up using share point designer to make changes( prob shld have
used visual studio instead). Changes were made to existing workflows, adding new
form fields to pages, adding new pages, new columns to existing lists and
editing existing web-parts. My questions are as follows

1) How I can I transfer the changes I made to the development site to the
existing sites in QA and Production. ?
2) Is it too late to make a share point package ?

I have read there are third party tools from Metalogix, Avepoint, Metavis, Quest
(I guess there are many others in the market) that can be used to transfer the
changes. Would the use of these 3rd party tools be the right way to go ? I would
need to transfer
only the structural changes ( existing data in the prod site needs to be intact)

Some of these questions might seem to rudimentary but being new to share point I
had to ask them. Appreciate any suggestions and answers.



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