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Query web part

  Asked By: Willis    Date: May 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 990

I'm trying to set up a site with subsites consisting of project
workspaces. Easy enough. But on the parent site, I need to have a
list of all the project sites so all of the projects are visible in
one place (there are actually multiple sites that will contain
project sites underneath the master, I need to aggregate all of

I've been playing with the content by query web part and I'm pretty
close. I found info on pointing it to the site directory, then
changing the servertemplate it looks for to the number 300:
<property name="ListsOverride"

I also changed this:
<property name="CommonViewFields" type="string">URL,URL;</property>

as was done in the following forum:

Finally, I added a custom section to the itemstyle.xsl:
<xsl:template name="Sites" match="Row[@Style='Sites']"
<xsl:variable name="DisplayTitle">
<xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetTitle">
<xsl:with-param name="Title" select="Title"/>
<xsl:variable name="SiteUrl">
<xsl:call-template name="OuterTemplate.GetSafeStaticUrl">
<xsl:with-param name="UrlColumnName" select="'URL'"/>
<div id="linkitem" class="item">
<div class="link-item">
<div class="LinkInfo">
<a href="{$SiteUrl}"><xsl:value-of select="@Title"/></a>

So far it works except for the following:
*The links all point to the master site
*It pulls back all the sites (I need to filter it somehow for the
project sites, it could even be text based as they'll all contain a
similar naming convention)
*I'd prefer not to edit the itemstyle.xsl page but to create a
custom one instead and reference it here:<property name="XslLink"
type="string"/>, but it won't work!!!



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