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publishing sharepoint site on intenet

  Asked By: Salina    Date: Jan 08    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1527

can anybody plz tell me what all do i have to do to publish any sharepoint site on the internet



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Answer #1    Answered By: Nidhi Tiwary     Answered On: Jan 08

Do you have a fixed IP Address or a server that is hosted on the internet, you will need to register your hostname with a service provider and your site  (created in sharepoint  or any other web-tool) can be hosted.

You need to know about hosting of site and there is nothing specific to sharepoint here (except for a type of portal that you would like to host on internet  i.e. Publishing site or Collaboration site.)

Answer #2    Answered By: Beatrice Serrano     Answered On: Jan 08

Moreoever, would suggest use a reverse proxy [ISA or plain apache will do] for such an activity.

Answer #3    Answered By: Maya Lewis     Answered On: Jan 08

I am not sure why would you propose an ISA/APACE server just for hosting the site  or making it acessble over internet?
Only if there was some reverse proxy requirements published it could have made sense to use the reverse proxy (software or hardware kind of a solution).

Answer #4    Answered By: Paola Mcmahon     Answered On: Jan 08

Just bringing up this old topic again .
Actually i have a virtual pc on which MOSS2007 is installed and the whole thing is in my laptop so i dont have any specific server.Now i wanted to know that how can i put a sharepoint  site from this moss 2007 on the internet  so that anybody can access it and use it.

Answer #5    Answered By: Justin Mckee     Answered On: Jan 08

Number #1: You will need to be connected to the internet  and use the as one of network adaptor with a Fixed IP Address (this will be given by your provider). You will have to change the IP Address of the VM and use the fixed ip and then do a terminal session on that (or Remote Desktop Connection) so that you can access the machine.

But if you want to access the site  and put it on the internet so that it can be publicly accessible then there are many things that you need to be aware about licensing. If everyone has to access it, it has to confine to the licensing requirement also (both Windows Server and sharepoint  Server). Check online for more details on licensing requirement for hosting a Sharepoint Server on internet (This has to be MOSSFIS, MOSS for Internet Services). Also check the Windows Server licensing.

If you are going to host you site on port 80 and access it with IP address like and you will hit you site (where is assumed to be a fixed and unique IP provided by the service provider. Please note that this IP mentioned is just for sample. You public/unique IP will never be 192.168).
Also if you want to give a unique host name to it then it has to be registered also. There are lot of folks in the industry who are running their sites on VM than running them on a real piece of hardware today. The process of hosting it on internet is always the same.

Answer #6    Answered By: Jared Bell     Answered On: Jan 08

i did check the requirement of licensing and i saw that was around 40000$ that is too much for a beginner guy who has just started learning about sharepoint  ;).Neways i dont want such massive implementation of sharepoint on internet  just wanted to put a single like say wiki type site  on the internet and control it like we work on sharepoint on our own machines like uploading files and all like kind of operations we do while working locally on sharepoint.Can i do this by making my own computer a server for other users,is this thing possible.
Plz dont mind if my questions don't make any sense at all so if that is the case plz can u tell me the question and the answer also :).

Answer #7    Answered By: Bernice Puckett     Answered On: Jan 08

you will have to go in with the licensing as it is madatory. Other option you can consider is WSS that is the free version with Windows Server, but remember that even hosting WSS needs you to have Windows Service with External Connector license even though nothing is required on the WSS licensing side as it comes free with Windows Server. Check this blog for more details on licensing:

Answer #8    Answered By: Mackenzie Lewis     Answered On: Jan 08

Can any one tell me about ISA form.. and do u guys have any nice article or study link to know about that.

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