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Public view of the SSP Admin User Profile list

  Asked By: Tracie    Date: Jan 20    Category: MOSS    Views: 2408

I have successfully created an Active Directory import connection, and
have populated my SSP with AD information. I have also filtered my AD
users using an LDAP User Filter, and managed to get my User Profile
list in the SSP to show EXACTLY what I want -- to me, as someone with
access to the SSP Admin.

However, now I want to display this list elsewhere. I am trying to take
information from the "View User Profiles" list created by the SSP Admin
ConsoleView=Active) and make a public view of it available on my MOSS
Portal site. The goal is to have a single list where everyone in the
AD filter would be able to view the full list of everyone else, click
on a name, and go to that individual's MySites page (just as is
possible in the SSP Admin list view of the User Profiles).

Anyone have any clues as to how would I do this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Terrell Bates     Answered On: Jan 20

A better approach would be to use the search engine in MOSS
to crawl these profiles. Then use the search web parts to create a "Query"
to show  all the employees. This would then allow you to use XSL and CSS
Styles to brand it. You can also select the fields that you wish to show as
part of it. Just a thought.

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