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Propagation issue with MOSS variation

  Asked By: Kayla    Date: Aug 18    Category: MOSS    Views: 1603

We has a Issue which was related to propagation of sites and sub sites that are
created using WebPart which is deployed at Variation Source Site. Just to give
the background; we were using MOSS 2007 variation labels for 10 languages.
On Variation source site, there was one custom WebPart which was used to create
three levels site hierarchy of sites and sub sites using SharePoint API.
As soon as any new sites created using WebPart, we had to update site metadata
in "Pages" stored in "Pages" Library of these sites and sub sites.
It was happy scenario until we checked for propagation of these sites to target
sites. Sites propagation was not happening to target sites.
Investigating through variation logs and after a lot of analysis based on
variation logs, we found that propagation is failed because of updation of
metadata in Pages stored in Pages library.

It was more of kind a synchronization issue, once the site is created on Source
site, propagation timer jobs starts propagation but meanwhile we were accessing
the web Object and updating pages' properties that were interrupting the
propagation job, resulting in failure of the propagation.
So we suspected that site metadata updation was the culprit and thinking that
when we commented updation to Pages Library code and just retained site creation
code, it was all working fine.

As a work around or fix we replaced the API code with executing stsadm exe in
WebPart code to create Webs on Source sites and rest site updation code was as
it is. The propagation worked fine on each level.

Running ststadm .exe through WebPart works fine in stand alone system but the
same approach may cause trouble in Farm environment because in farm environment
we have multiple Web front end servers running So the user request is handled
by WFE and that may cause file not found error.
Even though we resolved this issue using this approach but still we are in the
analyzing Pros and Cons of this approach. Please let us know your thoughts or if
any one had faced simillar Issue.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Alexander Scott     Answered On: Aug 18

Create propagation  job in an asynchronous thread and keep checking "Provisioned"
property of SPWeb object. Start Provisioning job when this property is true.
Promt user to have a cup of coffee while sites  are being created.

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