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Programmatically performing the CA Admin task Configure Reporting Services Integration

  Asked By: Leslie    Date: Jul 16    Category: MOSS    Views: 1553

I have used the following code to inspect "ReportingService" SPService object:

SPFarm farm = SPWebService.ContentService.Farm;
SPService reporting = new SPService();

foreach (SPService service in farm.Services)
string servicename = service.Name;

if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(servicename))
if (servicename.Equals("ReportingService"))
reporting = service;
catch (Exception ex)
WriteToLogFile(string.Format("Error encountered while accessing ReportingService: {0}", ex.Message));

and I have found that the 2 properties I want to set are 'AuthenticationType' and 'RSServerUrl' - I can set these via the CA Admin page - but to access them in code I need access to the namespace "Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Common".

I gather that for this I need a reference to Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Common.dll - but it is not installed on my system, even though I have SQL Server 2005 patched and Reporting Services and Sharepoint 2007 installed....

From KB articles (www.microsoft.com/.../details.aspx) it seems that to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services Add-in for Microsoft SharePoint Technologies you need to download and install the SharePointRS.msi.

Anyone else had this experience - it seems over the top to me...



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Asia Meyers     Answered On: Jul 16

Extracted the Microsoft.ReportingServices.SharePoint.Common.dll assembly from the SharePointRS(_x64).msi - added it to the solution in a lib folder and added a reference to the GAC via a direct reference to the dll in the solution. Viola - have access to namespace and code  works.


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