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Problems with SPS V2

  Asked By: Hannah    Date: Aug 05    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1041

The following are the problems which I am facing now with Version 2 of SPS

1. I was unable to edit categories / Area from the topics section or the
home page edit section for the newly created categories / areas.
it gave me a error "Enumerator is positioned before the first item or
after the last item."
The default Categories / areas were editable with out any problem

On the suggestion of one of the MVPs in the news group, I reformatted
and reinstalled the SPS version 2 once again
after doing the installation of SPS V2 , I am unable to create the
Categories / Areas, it threw me error "Internal Exception"
but I am able to edit the default categories.

2.I am having NT 4 as my domain, I am unable to import the user profiles
from domain,
When I go to the site settings > manage Profile Database > Configure
Import settings it throws me a error
"Failed to retrieve current domain name from active directory." I dont
have a active directory on my domain server.
how do I achieve the import of users from the NT4 Domain

3. When I go to Central Administration > Manage settings for single sign on
> Manage server settings for single sign-on and enterprise
application definitions and provide a domain account which is a local
administrator to the Portal site and the SPS Server Machine
I get a error "You dont have rights to perform this operation."

4. Mapping the Portal site from the web folder is not happening. It prompts
error " Folder you entered does not appear to be valid,
please choose another."
Previously I use to map the web folder from the SPS version 2 machine.
But the site can be mapped from SPS Version 1 (2001) machine or any SPS
client installed machine.

5. Backup of the SPS version 2 does not back up the whole Available
IF I select all the available components I.e (All server farm
component,Configuration Database, Sites, Severs),with overwrite existing
it gives me the back up status for the "Servers" as OK while for the
other components "All server farm component,Configuration Database,
Sites" it gives me status "The backup file exists and no overwrite was
if I back up each area separately with overwrite checkbox clicked, it
overwrites the previous backup file
DO I need to keep separate backup files for each components (All server
farm component,Configuration Database, Sites, Severs)



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Answer #1    Answered By: Gail Richmond     Answered On: Aug 05

Add One more to it

Webpart cannot be added even though the webpart is created  as per
stated in the MSDN and stated by JIM and James,
it throws error  "webpart not a safe contol"
Does anyone have VB.net example webpart.

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