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Problems searching in a calculated column in a data view web part

  Asked By: Grace    Date: May 18    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2485

I have a list that includes 4
columns (type=single line of text) for people's names. I wanted to
create a data view web part and use a form web part to search the
DVWP. I set this up successfully when trying to search one of the
single line of text columns in the list.

Since I really want to be able to search all 4 people columns at
once, I thought I'd make a calculated column to compile all of the
names and then I could search just that column.

No luck. I noticed when I was finishing up my process, I clicked on
the DVWP, went to "filter," started adding the filter criteria, and
I noticed something I hadn't seen when setting up other filters.
When I chose my new calculated column as the field name, my "value"
defaulted to my name. That didn't happen when I selected other field
names (again, from those single line of text columns). So I ignored
and chose "[input parameter]" as my value, but when I saved and
refreshed the page in my browser, I got a "SQL Server Error: The SQL
Server might not be started" error. I can get rid of the error
whenever I change the filter, save, and refresh the browser, but
that doesn't help me accomplish my goal of searching that one
calculated column that merges the info from all 4 people columns.

Anyone understand this? I'm trying all of this out for the first
time and clearly have no idea what I'm doing, so I'm not even sure
if I'm explaining this properly.



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