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Problems migrating meeting workspace to new URL via smigrate

  Asked By: Evelyn    Date: Dec 09    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1694

My user added an item to an Events list, and the item (or event) was named with spaces and special characters in the name, like “My Wonderful In-house Meeting”.

The user also decided to create a meeting workspace at the time of the event listing creation, and used the default name for the vdir, so the full URL to the meeting workspace was http://server/sites/teamsite/My%20Wonderful%20In-house%20Meeting.

Sooner or later the user realized that this URL was verbose and contacted me to change the URL for the meeting workspace to let’s say http://server/sites/teamsite/MWIHM.

I used smigrate to backup the meeting workspace. Then I created a new subsite at http://server/sites/teamsite/MWIHM, but I didn’t apply a site template.

Finally, I restored the meeting workspace to http://server/sites/teamsite/MWIHM.

In order to associate the new site with the original event listing, I edited the listing to remove any associated meeting workspace with the event.

Then I edited the event listing again and attempted to associate the new pre-existing meeting workspace at http://server/sites/teamsite/MWIHM to the event listing, but WSS prompted me to create a new meeting workspace instead. I didn’t proceed.

I looked at mngsubwebs.aspx for http://server/sites/teamsite, and sure enough, both the original meeting workspace at http://server/sites/teamsite/My%20Wonderful%20In-house%20Meeting and the restored version at http://server/sites/teamsite/MWIHM are listed as meeting workspaces, but I can associate neither with an events listing.

It is possible that the original meeting workspace at http://server/sites/teamsite/My%20Wonderful%20In-house%20Meeting is unghosted from FP2003 edits, but I haven’t checked that.

Why would WSS not see either site as a meeting workspace in the UI where I can associate a meeting workspace with an event listing? And is there some way to force WSS to see both sites as meeting workspaces there?



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