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Problem w/ list page being so easy to edit

  Asked By: Kavisha    Date: Apr 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1220

in the old version of SharePoint, you needed a special hack to edit
the list page as a web part page. I
liked that. There should be virtually no need to modify that page if
you are just the average designer or site administrator. Why on earth
is it now SOO easy?

So far, I've had a few people close or delete the "web part" for the
main list page. When they close it, I can get it back. When they delete
it, I don't really know what to do. When I add another web part for
that list, it doesn't include the "views" on it.

Anything I'm missing here? Is there a way to lock it down so no site
admins can "accidentally" delete these list page web parts (i.e., take
away the "edit page" option on anything other than default.aspx pages)?
Or can I find out how to recreate such a web part if one is deleted? I
need it to include the "views"...



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gobinda Navalagi     Answered On: Apr 11

If they are using SPD to edit  the page  then you can just do a reset to site
definition from the context menu to get the original page back. If they delete
it while editing the Public View in the UI just add  the web  part back  on the
page. After adding it to the page you need to do two things to get it looking
the way it used to look.

1. Modify the web part  and set it to show the Full Toolbar under List
Views. This will bring back the toolbar, but the View Drop down will be missing
from the Right side of the Toolbar.

2. Using the Settings Menu on the toolbar Create a View. Base it on the
All Items or All documents view template and make it the default  view. When you
click OK the View drop down will be back on the toolbar and any other existing
views will still be there.

There is no way to lock  down the page so that users with Full Control (Admins,
etc) won't be able to delete  the List View Web Part. Training is essential.

Answer #2    Answered By: Rose Silva     Answered On: Apr 11

And, yes, I know how essential training is. As you can tell, I'm
still struggling to catch up on everything myself, and I'm the main
(and only) training resource for our entire staff when it comes to
MOSS. This version  is so crazy w/ new options and changes, that it is
nearly impossible for me to teach everyone everything they need to
know. We have many site  admins who are not nearly as tech-saavy as
they should be, but we don't have the resources to manage
departmental sites for everyone. Ugh!

We purchased the Mindsharp CBTs in order to help w/ our training
needs, but so far they aren't getting much use. I'm hopeful we can
get more people  committed to watching at least one a week...possibly
doing it during team meetings to avoid distractions.

Anyway, I'll give that web  part thing a try.

Answer #3    Answered By: Maegan Ellison     Answered On: Apr 11

Here's what I did on a couple of specific lists where people
frequently screwed with the web  parts:

Go into the web part  properties for the document library, and in the
Advanced section, uncheck everything. That way, a site  admin would
have to go to a lot of trouble to delete  the web part. Also, I guess
if you have your own custom site definition, you could go into each
list's default  view beforehand, and lock  down the web part like this
(although I've never tried it)

Once people  have deleted  the web part, I ran into the same thing you
did, where I couldn't re-create it with the View drop-down.
Here's the VERY easy  solution. If the user used the little X in the
top right of the web part when the removed it, it's really
only "Closed" and has not been deleted from the page. So....

1. Go into Edit mode.
2. Click "Add a web part"
3. Click "Advanced web part gallery and options"
4. Click on "Closed web parts" near the top of that web part
5. There's your missing  web part!! Just add  it back  to the page.

Answer #4    Answered By: Yahaira Shannon     Answered On: Apr 11

I actually did think she might have simply closed the web  part (since
most folks do), but she did indeed delete  it.

This method worked to bring it back  the way I needed  it, but that
is a good idea to uncheck those editing properties for the web part
for certain situations. Unfortunately, it would be tough to do that
for each list  in each site. I just need to continue educating my site
admins... easier said than done.

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