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Problem in Doc Lib

  Asked By: Katharine    Date: Jan 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1036

I have an issue with one of the documents stored in a document
library that I just cannot figure out.

We have an Access database uploaded to the site in the Shared Doc
Library. My users access this sharepoint site via Citrix Web Interface.
When I upload the Access database and we all access it for the first
time, we are able to make and save changes. If we exit it and go back
in at any time, we are unable to make changes to anything. It appears
to be in read-only even though if you check the propteries it says the
database is in shared mode. It works fine outside of sharepoint, but
they would really like to be able to use it via their site. Is there
something I need to do to make this happen?



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Davin Knapp     Answered On: Jan 30

As far as I know, this is not supported at all. It sounds like you're
trying to store an access  database file (like an .mdb) in a document
library. By default, almost all, if not completely all, of the
extensions used by Access are blocked anyway, so if you ARE using an
Access file in a document library, I assume you've removed the blocks.

To see the list of blocked extensions, take a look at
http://portal/_vti_bin/help/1033/sps/html/stse12.htm (if you have SPS).
Not sure what the helpfile url is in WSS basic, but I digress.

To me, storing an Access database  in a document library is like OLE
embedding a .txt Notepad file inside of Microsoft Word. Sharepoint
already *is* a database, and all the files in a document library are in
that database. You're storing a database file as an element in a
database. I would like you'd probably want to do one of the following

* Use SQL Server instead of a datafile and then just access
those tables instead of the file.

* Use sharepoint  instead of a file (you should be able to import
your access tables into sharepoint as a list, depending on how complex
your data is)

To my knowledge, Access files are not client-server-aware. That's why
you'll want to use a database for your data and use access as the
client-only mechanism.

Answer #2    Answered By: Deidra Best     Answered On: Jan 30

Yes Wayne is right. Some what similar kind of behaviour is also seen with
Microsoft Project files. I have opened a case with Microsoft support to get more
information about it.

Answer #3    Answered By: Esteban Frank     Answered On: Jan 30

I think I'll give putting the tables in lists a try. These
users use reporting and queries and would like to be able to create more
than what they have already. By putting the tables in Sharepoint, is
this still possible also? This site  is not on a portal server.

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