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Problem convincing folks to move docs to SharePoint

  Asked By: Ariel    Date: Sep 11    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2042

We are trying to encourage more staff to move documents from the file
shares to SharePoint libraries (for anything they are actively working
on, anyway). I've run into a new snag in my sales pitch.

I worked with someone today who said she *relies* on the "created"
and "last modified" dates on the file share. When we copy those docs
into SharePoint, those dates are overwritten w/ the current date/time.

It's a much longer story, but I won't bore you. :) I just wanted to
know if anyone has gotten complaints about (in particular) the
inaccurate "created" and "created by" information when documents
are "moved" (copied) into SharePoint? There's no way to have it read
from the actual file properties, is there?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jolene Sandoval     Answered On: Sep 11

This is not something that is unique to SharePoint. If you move  a file  from
one partition to another the same thing happens. This has been the way it
works since the days of DOS.

Answer #2    Answered By: Brandan Roach     Answered On: Sep 11

Here is a small but annoyingly awkward way to retain the original

1. Map a network drive to your Document Library
2. Create a small program to get the source filename and destination
folder, which is the network drive.
3. In your utility app, do something like:

Using System.IO;

Partial Class Form1: Form


DateTime Create = new DateTime();

DateTime Modify = new DateTime();

// This is the Copy Button in your application. You'll need to create
a couple of TextBoxes

// and use openFileDialog1 and saveFileDialog1 to capture the filename and
destination directory

private void btnCopy_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)


// Get attributes of source file

Create = File.GetCreationTime(openFileDialog1.FileName);

Modify = File.GetLastWriteTime(openFileDialog1.FileName);

// Copy file

File.Copy(openFileDialog1.FileName, saveFileDialog1.FileName);

// Reset attributes on destination file

File.SetCreationTime(saveFileDialog1.FileName, Create);

File.SetLastWriteTime(saveFileDialog1.FileName, Modify);



Obviously you'll need to do a bit of work to create the utility, but this
essentially works. I did it as a C# Windows app, but you might want to
create an ASP.NET web page for uploads, or even a web part if you're feeling

Answer #3    Answered By: Kai Carney     Answered On: Sep 11

I am unfortunately only a front-end admin (I don't have server
access), but I will share  this info with our IT Department to see if
anyone can help set this up.

Answer #4    Answered By: Gaurav Nemane     Answered On: Sep 11

wanted  to jump in to this thread and let you know of an application
you might want to consider that does image capture in batches direct
to SharePoint Document Libraries and Lists. There is a company
called Vircosoft that has a program called vFiler. It captures
documents from any shared folder, reads OCR, barcodes and even has an
ODBC connection to your ERP for data validation and a Forms
Recognition module as well.

But ultimately, it would be great for your organization's use of
SharePoint for a document management system because it does all the
automatic filing for your company's documents  by creating workflows
based on document types. It's really slick and inexpensive when
comparing it to other capture applications like Kofax. SharePoint as
a repository is fantasic combined with vFiler for automated document
filing, you have a great solution!

There site is http://www.vircosoft.com

They will connect you with a dealer in your area.

Answer #5    Answered By: Marjorie Humphrey     Answered On: Sep 11

Since you mention workflow, I imagine this works with v3/MOSS and not
v2/SPS 2003. We are currently using the latter, although we are
planning to upgrade next year.

Answer #6    Answered By: Chelsey Watts     Answered On: Sep 11

Sounds great, We work with the vFiler product so I might be able to
help if you need it and yes it works with v3. I have a co-worker
working with a client using V3.

If you want to talk direct and not bog down this group - call me
anytime at 616-871-0215 ext 102.

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