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Print to PDF

  Asked By: Madeline    Date: Jan 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1925

Has anyone out there been able to figure out how to write a PDF file
from a document (ie, Word, Excel, etc.) in to a MOSS Doc Lib? I keep
getting an error message saying :
"You cannot save in the requested folder. Please choose another

Thoughts, solutions, anything? My users have the need to write
documents to PDF as a memorialization of the content to send to a
customer, etc.



15 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Faith Delgado     Answered On: Jan 29

I don't really understand your question.

Are you trying to use the save  as pdf  functionality that comes with
Office 2007 and then upload the document  or save it to a document
library in a MOSS team site?

Answer #2    Answered By: Amrita Durgude     Answered On: Jan 29

I am trying to do a Print to PDF and have the target be a MOSS Doc Lib. I am
familiar with the Save as PDF/XPS plug-ins available from Microsoft, but we are
primarily an Office 2003 shop at this point. Office 2007 is coming slowly but
not all there yet. Further, this option doesn't help with the non-MS apps that
would need to leverage the PDF Distiller/Writer to create PDF files.


Answer #3    Answered By: Maricela Conway     Answered On: Jan 29

Okay so are you using Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files and trying to
save it directly to a document  library. You can do that as long as you
have set a Network Place to map to one of the document libraries that
you have permission to contribute to.

Answer #4    Answered By: Vinay Thakur     Answered On: Jan 29

That is just the problem there. I already have the MOSS Doc Lib mapped in My
Network Places and I simply use the Print to PDF from within Word and I get the
message I first posted. That just doesn't seem right. Perhaps there is a
special character problem of some sort?

Answer #5    Answered By: Shameka Rich     Answered On: Jan 29

Are you trying to save  in the Shared document  library. What are your
permissions on this document and/or team site? What is the file name
that you are attempting to use?

Answer #6    Answered By: Royce Orr     Answered On: Jan 29

I have "God-like" permissions and I have tried saving to a Shared doc  Lib, a
test Doc lib  on a Team Site, as well as a test Doc Lib on MySite.

The original filename is "superman.docx" and I am trying to print  it as

Answer #7    Answered By: Laura Walker     Answered On: Jan 29

Is the pdf  writer running as a service on your machine ?

If it is it MAY try to save  in th context of that account (I am thinking
possibly the spooler service here as you are printing to pdf)

I would therefore, as a test, make your domain logon an admin on your machine
and set the spooler service or whatever service to run as that (remembering to
stop and restart it) and see if it kicks in

If it works you just need to sort the permissions for the account to run the

Answer #8    Answered By: Nina Banks     Answered On: Jan 29

Not sure it's that since I can write  PDFs - on this same machine saving to any
place other than a moss  Doc Lib - until my heart's content. It's almost as if
the Doc Lib isn't accepting the PDF file for some reason, perhaps due to a
special character in the URL string or something else?? Not really sure.

Answer #9    Answered By: Renee Murray     Answered On: Jan 29

A couple of questions for you. Are you able to save  other document  types to that
library? (DOC, XLS, etc...)? Also, have you checked that PDF files aren't being
blocked by the "Blocked FileTypes" setting for that WebApp in Central Admin?

Answer #10    Answered By: Harshini Raju     Answered On: Jan 29

All is good on both fronts. There are plenty of documents in my MOSS
environments, varying from PDF to doc  to othe file types.

Do you happen to have Acrobat 7 and can you do a Print to PDF file, with the
destination being a MOSS Doc Lib?

Answer #11    Answered By: Christop Mcfadden     Answered On: Jan 29

I suspect the problem is because you are trying to save  the file via
WebDav, not to a hard drive or network drive. I know it looks like a
network drive, but its not it's a web folder  that can be mapped using a
UNC address. I don't think Acrobat knows how to properly interface with
that connection.

Answer #12    Answered By: Gopal Jamakhandi     Answered On: Jan 29

It was just my guess and I thought it wss worth a try.

Answer #13    Answered By: Chantal Rosa     Answered On: Jan 29

Can you map a drive to the doc  lib folder  then and see if it'll save  it to a
mapped drive ?

Answer #14    Answered By: Kyla Eckert     Answered On: Jan 29

That's a great idea, but I can't even create a map to a MOSS URL. I suspect the
problem has to do with WebDav.

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