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How do you prevent WebDAV access to SharePoint document library?

  Asked By: Maryann    Date: Oct 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2816

We have a document library with columns that are required. We don't
want any documents put into the library without the required columns
being filled out. But some of our users have used Windows Explorer to
copy documents from a file share into the document library using a
Network Place (i.e. using WebDAV). When they do that, they by-pass the
requirement of filling out the required columns of metadata. Is there
any way to prevent WebDAV access without restricting the users from
normal browser access to loading documents? If not, is there some way
using workflow to delete a document that is loaded without filling out
the required columns? Do the normal events that can trigger a workflow
happen when a document is loaded through WebDAV rather than through the



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Answer #1    Answered By: Nora Maxwell     Answered On: Oct 26

You can turn off WebDAV without affecting the normal  browser access  for
documents. The problem is that Office uses WebDAV to save documents  and
you will break Office's access to SharePoint if you turn it off. If you
have required  metadata documents uploaded this way should be in a
checked out state with no Checked in version which will make them
invisible to anyone other than the original author, until the required
metadata is added and the document  is checked in. I don't think there
is a software fix for this. The fix is to teach users  how to properly
use the site.