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Prevent file from loading in library

  Date: May 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 716

I have a client that is using a drop off library and wants to know if she can
prevent a file from being loaded if the Required field [City] is not selected.
Their concern is that when you hit the Cancel button, the file has already been
uploaded and checks the file in.

Not that I agree, but wondered if this could be done?

I use SharePoint Designer [SPD] and attempted to review the upload.aspx file to
see if I access a solution this way without much success although I did see a
drop down appear that suggested some customization such as; Upload(?)
Multiple(?), but wasn't sure how to approach this. Maybe Visual Studio would be

I also used the the delete item function in SPD, but it seemed to cause havoc
after the first file was uploaded.

Outside of that, I have also created a workflow that will email Created By
notifiying them that the Required field was left blank, and requesting the data.
Looking closer i appears that might be a possible way to insert the Required
field for them to enter, and thought it'd be great if I could ten have this
prepopulate the field in the library.



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Answer #1    Answered On: May 29    

The best solution here would be an Event Receiver on the ItemAdding event.
The file would never be checked in or committed to the database if the "ing"
event is cancelled.

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