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Potential harm in turning off content types temporary

  Asked By: Elton    Date: Jun 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1106

Scenario: have a list with several content types. They are all list content
types using list columns (as opposed to site content types and site columns).

We added a column, marked it required, unchecked "add to default view" and "add
to all content types." We then went into the appropriate content types and added
that column and set each as required.

We were then told that the column should not be required after all. We went back
into the individual content types using it and removed the requirement (changed
to "optional").

While this works fine in "new" and "edit" pages (i.e., the column isn't
required), you can't edit in datasheet view because it thinks it IS required.

I now realize that datasheet view, in general, doesn't care about content types.
For this particular case, it is actually pulling the initial requirement from
when we created the column, although that is no longer accessible when you are
using content types.

I know I can turn off "manage content types", change the column to not be
required, then turn on manage content types again. I tested it in dev, and it
seemed to work.

My question- does anyone know of any potential danger in doing this? It feels
weird turning off "manage content types", even if only for a minute. It doesn't
appear to change or break anything, including the content types themselves. I
just want to be certain that I'm not hurting anything in the process.

Can anyone tell me if there is any harm in turning off content types on a list
where you are (and plan to continue) using them? If it's only for a minute so
you can modify the actual column requirement settings?



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