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Post Data from an existing Datasource on Sharepoint

  Asked By: Amos    Date: Jul 19    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1141

We are trying to display the contents of a data view on a grid in
Sharepoint and are having major problems!

What we've done so far:
Created an ODBC connection
Opened the site in MS Frontpage
Created a new page
Insert Dataview
Heres where we have the problem - we can't seem to get to the ODBC
connection that we created. Our only option seems to be to identify
the server and login to that server. Is there a way to access our
connection from within Sharepoint.

We also tried to link our original table (it's on an AS400) to an
Access DB and then connect to this from Sharepoint. This didn't work
either - the option to connect to an existing Access DB was greyed



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Ted Gilmore     Answered On: Jul 19

Check this out for connection strings. Let me know if connection string solved your problem.


Answer #2    Answered By: Monte Cooley     Answered On: Jul 19

In SharePoint Central Administration, you may need to configure you
virtual server settings for the specific Virtual Server. The last link
on the page is used to configure the data  retrieval service settings.
You may need to Enable update query support to query your ODBC data.
Remember, SharePoint can only use an OLEDB provider.

I think the reason for needing to change this setting is because
SharePoint can't be sure that your SELECT statement won't update the
remote datasource.

Answer #3    Answered By: Guadalupe Bullock     Answered On: Jul 19

When I go to Site Settings | SharePoint Central Administration
there's a section called "Portal Site and Virtual Server
Configuration" where you can select: Configure virtual server
settings from the Virtual Server List page.

That takes me to The Virtual Server List where, when I click on my
server name, I get the WSS Virtual Server Settings. The last link
on that page is Portal Site and Virtual Server Configuration. When
I click on that, I getthe WSS data  Retrieval Service Settings page.

On this page, I see where Inherit Global Settings is checked. The
label there is "Customize Virtual Server" where it says:

This virtual server can inherit the settings from the Configure Data
Retrieval Service Settings page in Central Administration or can
customize its own settings below.

So, I uncheck "Inherit Global Settings" and I check "Enable update
Query Support."

Now, my Data view  Web Part can access a stored procedure in my
database. However, When I say add six items per page, the "Next"
hotspot generates an error: An error occurred while processing the
data for this request. Contact the server administrator for more

In addition, I get that error at the bottom of my table in
SharePoint but not in FrontPage?

Finally, I have one page where I linked the DVWP to a view in the
database and it just returns the error.

Answer #4    Answered By: Nathanial Mcclure     Answered On: Jul 19

I haven't done those things or seen those errors. Can anyone else give
some experienced feedback?

Answer #5    Answered By: Matt Prince     Answered On: Jul 19

Could it be an authentication problem to the Stored Procedure? Check to make
sure that the Application pool identity has access to the Stored Procedure. -
maybe check the logs to see what account is actually being used to try to hit
it.. The other thing we've run into lately is to make sure the application pool
account has a SPN (Service Pricipal Name) record for the sharepoint  server in
active directory.

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