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Any possiblities to move the documents between two shrepoint sites using SharePoint- BDC?

  Asked By: Dora    Date: Jun 06    Category: MOSS    Views: 2132


Application Server : MOSS 2007 + SP2

Database Server: SQL Server 2005 + SP2

Domain controller: Windows 2003 + SP2

User: Domain\user (User has the contribute rights in both sites)

Problem Description:

We have two sites in a SharePoint Server, i.e. Team Site1 & Team Site2

If we create or upload a document to the Team Site1 document library it should automatically move/copy to the document library of Team Site2.

Is there any possible to do it by SharePoint Business Data Catalog?

Anyone have any workaround on this?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kacie Calhoun     Answered On: Jun 06

First of all BDC is used to Integrate LOB data. This will not help you to solve you problem.

Base on the requirement, both Workflow and Event Handler work perfectly.

Suggestion 1.

But in my knowledge , Event Handler is best option compare to workflow.
because ..

1. When Item is added, With custom event handler item is replicated in other list,
2. When Item is deleted ,With custom event handler item is delete from other list,
3. When Item is changed,With custom event handler item is change in other list also,

If requirement is extended in future to add some other event, can easily be achieved with Event handler.
To create an Event Handler is an hour job, Just chill.



Suggestion 2.

The functionality can be achieved with the help of workflow Sharepoint Designer/VS 2005/2008

with the help of SharePoint Designer workflow and use the Copy List Item action to copy the metadata. To successfully copy all the metadata, you will need to make sure that the columns between the two lists match up exactly. By using this workflow, the users will fill out the New Item form once and have no idea that the information is being copied to another location.

Note: Both lists must have the same permission configuration

Do let me know,if you need in details