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How is it possible to reach My Site from different web applications/zone?

  Asked By: Gabor    Date: Aug 10    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2080

Dear All,

after I created a new web application for extranet beside the used one for intranet I need your advice about for further steps.

The present status:

Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP2
MOSS 2007 (Standard) Version: 12.0.6425.1000


web application1 (WA1):
Name: SharePoint - 80

Internal URL: http://intranet
Zone: default
Public URL: http://intranet

Extended: no

web application2 (WA2)
Name: SharePoint Extranet Portal 80

Internal URL: http://extranet-portal/
Zone: default
Public URL: http://extranet-portal/

Internal URL: http://extranet-portal-extra
Zone: Extranet
Public URL: https://extranet.company.com

Internal URL: https://extranet.company.com
Zone: Extranet
Public URL: https://extranet.company.com

(The form based authentication is served by ISA 2006)
The wa2 creation process and settings based on this article:
Plan alternate access mappings (Office SharePoint Server)

All the users "My Site" can be found in WA1 as http://intranet/personal/username/default.aspx

If we would like to see the properties of user from default zone of WA2 we have no problem. This link shows the (for example) http://extranet-portal/project/_layouts/userdisp.aspx?ID=70 and redirects to http://intranet/MySite/Person.aspx?accountname=.....

On the other hand, this site can't be reachable from extranet zone, when somebody wants to see teh details from https://extranet.company.com

The question is, how is it possible to reach the MySite from the extranet zone?


Will it help if I extend the WA1 to the extranet zone too?
Is it necassary to set something in the SharedService1(it was automatically created for WA1)?

Thank you for your help in advance!



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Gabor Nemes     Answered On: Aug 25

I extended the WA1 into extranet zone, but it is not enough to solve the problem... On the other hand, both the my sites and the profile pages are not reachable from WA2 extranet zone... :(

I think, the main problem is, that the WA2 extranet Public URL (https://extranet.company.com) can't be used for reaching WA1 sites in extranet zone...

Should I move the mysites from WA1 to... where?

I have no more idea... Please, help.