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Possible for manifest.xml to tell STSADM to deploy resources to specific

  Asked By: Kevin    Date: Dec 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1671

Is it possible to tell STSADM using the CAB deployment tech to put specific resources in specific folders? For example, if I'm using the user control method to build my web part, could I conceivably tell it to put my ASCX file in the wpusercontrols directory I'm putting them in and the DLL in the bin directory?

Or would I need to do this with an MSI? If I need to do it with an MSI, anyone have documentation or pointers how to build an MSI to deploy web parts? I've built MSI's before, just not for web part deployments.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Drew Armstrong     Answered On: Dec 12

Yes, this is not only possible but recommended. Set the ASCX file's
Build Action property to Content (may be the default). Include the
Content files from the user  control project in the CAB file  project. Use
the ClassResources section of the manifest.xml in your web  part project
to deploy  the ASCX file to the wpresources directory. Access it using
this.ClassResourcePath in the RenderWebPart.

I no longer reference the ASCX that actually sits in the user control
project but the copy of it in my wpresources directory.