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Is it possible to create a list with the following functionality?

  Asked By: Tim    Date: Oct 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 623

I need to create a list of news items with the following features:

* The author has the option of EITHER typing in an article OR
entering a URL to another document/outside link

* The list has several fields, but to simplify, it has an article
title and a business segment field that the list must be GROUPED BY.

* When the end user opens his screen, he sees a list grouped by
business segment of article titles.

* When he clicks on the article title he is taken either to a view
of the article or to a document / outside link.

This functionality is very similar to the news functionality; but
this list must be grouped.

I have come very close to achieving this by:

* Adding a calculated field called articlelink in addition to a
document/externalLink; and an article field for the author to type
the article.

* The calculation for articlelink:
=IF([Document/External Link]
[Document/External Link])

* The articletitle field is a dynamic hyperlink field containing
the result of the calculation for artclelink. It takes you to a view
of the list containing just the article that was clicked on. The
view is designated by the ID of the list item.

* The articlelink field has the above calculation in it. It works
perfectly until we add a new item and due to the timing of the ID
field assignment, the link is not fully updated. I discovered that
this is a known problem.

I am wondering if anyone has discovered a workaround to this problem
or if anyone has any thoughts on how to accomplish my list objective



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