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A portal site using this database already exists! Any solution?

  Asked By: Jamie    Date: Apr 15    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1181

I have a question about hosting multiple portals (using different
databases on the same server). The situation is as follows:

A Portal was created on Box 1.
This portal was restored to Box 2.

The Portal on Box 1 has since been modified (different layout, new
web parts, new sites, new areas, different lists, re-designed, etc)
and is now completely different than the original.

When attempting to restore the newly designed portal on Box 1 to Box
2 (to a newly created virtual server), I receive the following
error: "A portal site using this database already exists"

(For clarification: This error message prevents me from even
selecting the restore and getting to the select new databases names

I read a post that said the following: "The problem as you noted is
that the two portals would have the same ID and the backup utils
require you to remove the portal before restoring (i believe this
restriction was not on the beta version I used when I was
successfully able to do this)".

With this in mind, is there anyway to change the portal id or any
other solution which will allow the portals to be recognized as
separate portals (and let me specify seperate databases) and stop the
backup and restore GUI from showing that error?

Again, I need to accomplish hosting the newly designed portal, while
keeping the existing old portal, on Box 2. Normally, you can do this
by creating a new virtual server and restoring to that virtual
server. You would then specify the new database names.

Deleting the existing Portal on Box 2 is not an option, as it is
being used. In addition, it has completely different content in the
Portal that still needs to be accessible.

Other relevant information:
Both boxes have WSS SP1&2 and SPS SP1&2 installed.

Is there a solution?



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Freddy Heath     Answered On: Apr 15

The short answer is that you can't *exactly* do what you want to do, but
there is a work-around. My recommendation would be to deleted portal2
on box2, restore portal1 to box2 since that is the portal  with all of
the modifications, then create a new virtual server on box2 and restore
the portal2 db's to this new virtual server.


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