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Portal Search Scopes

  Asked By: Aurelio    Date: Aug 12    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1013

I need some help with portal site directories and search scopes. What I'm trying to do is configure a search scope that covers a specified set of sub webs.

On my portal site I've created a top level site using self service site creation and added the site to search. Call this site Projects. I then created multiple sub webs under Project using create New SharePoint Site from the Project site. Call these Project A, Project B, Project C, ... Project n. My goal is to create two search scopes, Engineering Projects and Educational Projects, so that when a user enters a search phrase into the portal search and selects the Engineering scope only projects A & B are searched for hits, and if Education is selected for a scope only A & C is searched.

I'm also trying to do this without altering the site hierarchy, such as Projects/Engineering/Project A, because A could be both Engineering and Education.

I've tried managing this through multiple site directories and content sources. I tried creating a new site directory for engineering projects and adding links to the site list for the projects that would be considered engineering projects. Then I updated the Managed Crawls of Site Directory list to crawl those sites through the engineering directory. I created a new SharePoint Portal Site Directory content source, and created a new search scope that only uses this content source. Then I do a full update on the indexes. When I search for a word that I know is contained in some content on an engineering project site, such as a word in an announcement or document, and specify the engineering scope no results are found. If I search for the same thing using the All Sources scope the item i was searching for is found.



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