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Portal Listing, Grouped Listing web part and Audiences won't work

  Asked By: Rocco    Date: Jul 01    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 3189

When I target a specific item in a Portal Listing to a specific
audience, then modify the "Custom Properties" section of the Grouped
Listing web part by choosing to "Group By" GROUP, everyone sees the
listing regardless of the audience to which they are assigned -- not
just the users belonging to the specific audience to which that one
item in the list is targeted.

The only way I can get the Portal Listings to display items to
specific audiences is to "Group By" AUDIENCE. So we lose the
advantage seeing items in the Portal Listing organized by group.

For example, say there is a group named "Forms". This group would
contain links to many forms: some for Accounting, others for Sales,
etc. We would want the group name of "Forms" to display in the
Grouped Listing Web Part, but only "items" (links to forms) for a
specific audience (Accounting, Sales, etc) to display under the
group name. That way we have the organizational advantage of
Grouping items (forms in this case), but users would see only the
forms they need rather looking through all those available.

This seems to eliminate any advantage of targeting specific items
within Portal Listings groups to specific audiences, and still have
a category-like organization of links display on the Grouped Listing
web part.

Am I wrong here?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Horace Coffey     Answered On: Jul 01

I typically teach that audience  targeting is immature today and unless
your business need is to group  by audience, the Grouped Listing Web Part
will not deliver the solution that you hoped it would. The only other
way to use audience targeting  today is to show or hide and entire Web
Part. That can get very confusing. Of course, audience is only available
in Portal Areas out of the box.