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Port assignments

  Asked By: Stacey    Date: Dec 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1008

We’ve just set up a sub-web for our Board Members, some of whom are external to the organisation. The subweb (with an https:// address) appears to want to use port 444 which is blocked by the firewall of our parent company – something that is apparently quite usual. Is it possible for us to assign :443 to the subweb or do we have to try and get their configuration changed?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Anibal Baird     Answered On: Dec 29

This isn't my area of expertise but WSS (actually IIS) uses port  443 for
SSL by default. This doesn't sound like something that WSS is causing...

Have a look at other appliances in your network. An SSL hardware
accelerator perhaps?

Answer #2    Answered By: Karla Morrison     Answered On: Dec 29

Check the IIS Web Site properties.

SSL does not do host headers well so you will need to assign a specific IP address  for the sites using SSL if more than one site on the web server is using SSL.

More than likely whoever installed the certificate had to change the SSL port  to get the site to start and did not understand the implications.

Or, you could get the firewall admin to configure HTTPS traffic on both 443 and 444.

This does not make the firewall any more vulnerable than just 443 traffic.

But your users will have to learn how to use port numbers which will likely take re-training on a daily basis.

Help desk will get to know you very well.

The windows IP stack has never liked host headers. Windows 2003 SP1 supposedly modified the stack to accept host headers and SharePoint SP2 supposedly fixed SharePoint so that they would work, but I just had to configure one of our sites a couple of weeks ago and I found it easier just to assign a specific IP.

Make sure that DNS entry agrees with IP address selected.

BTW, HTTP (port 80) can listen on All Unassigned while HTTPS has a specific IP assigned.

Answer #3    Answered By: Patricia Richardson     Answered On: Dec 29

Just a note of appreciation for the time taken and your feedback. It may seem to be a small thing to you at the time, but is vital to us in being able to provide a service to our users (even more since they are the company Board of Directors). I’ll let the group know how we implemented it when we get it up and running (not my area – but I’ve passed it on)

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