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I have a pop email service and i dont understand how to configure alerts..?

  Asked By: Bill    Date: Apr 15    Category: WSS    Views: 1294

Helow forum,
I am VERY new to wss,,
I am running wss on a 2008 server,,

I am trying to get wws 3.0 to JUST send e-mail alerts and e-mail to my pop e-mail users... Im ok if the wss server cannot recieve e-mail,, i think...
I really need to get the wss server to send alerts out to the pop email users for things like work flow check points and events that are waiting on them..

this is a very small setup,, 1 server, pop e-mail services - 15 users..

I am the it manager from another company that got downsized and landed a tech job,, but its been several years ,, so i am struggeling a bit,,, i need to get this one quick to get the pressure off [ or ill be looking again ;( ]

I performed the following:

1 - created a account on my pop server for the administrator,,

2- loaded smtp services on the wss server, but really need to be walked through any config there,, it does say services are running BUT i dont think i will be using a local smtp server [ dont really know ]

3 - tried to plug my pop smtp server values in everywhere i could and no go..

I basickly need some hand holding..

[ wcatalina@buyfbm.com ] if you take me under your wing for this one i will seriously repay a million times ... lol



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