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Picture URL not mapping correctly (search for people is broke)

  Asked By: Simon    Date: Jul 16    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 4040

For those that are familiar with the profile database in SP, you can
map fields for user's profiles to certain fields in active directory.
This past week we finally got all of our employee pictures from
facilities and updated active directory to include the URL of each
person's picture.

After doing this, each user's public my site page started showing up
the photos of each user, very cool stuff!

However, the problem is when you search for someone using the search,
the picture is SUPPOSE to display next to each user's name. Instead
of that, we have a broken picture. What is happening is the system is
re-writing the URL that has been mapped. Here is an example of what
the url is:


however, on the search page, the link it is trying to load up is:


Now can someone explain to me why in the world the stupid system is
re-writing the URL? Oh, every single one of the pictures has the same
weird string in it so it isn't a random string or anything.



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