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"Personal" Problems.....

  Asked By: Brenda    Date: Oct 29    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 750

Having some issues with Personal Dashboards:

1) Only Coordinators can create personal dashboards? Is there a way
that authors can create personal dashboards?

2) Even with coordinator privlages, only the Administrator is able to
create a personal dashboard - other users with coordinatr rights are
reciving a "action not allowed" error when they attempt to SAVE their

3) Even after the administrator create and personal dashboard, and
they do not recieve the error, no links are shoeing up on the
personal dashboard leading back to the other dashboards, nor is there
a link on the other dashboard leading to the personal dashboards.
However, the personal dashboard folder is appearing in the dashboard
folder in the portal explorer.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Aayushman Kanvinde     Answered On: Oct 29

Follow Steps as below to create  and Sync Personalized Pages to SPS dashboard  

1) Create a Sub Dashboard called MY PAGE.

2) From Management Dashboard Create Personalized Dashboard for Each USER, give the name of the dashboard as same as LOGIN name(VERY IMPORTANT)

3) Create a simple WEB PART to redirect to workspace/dashboards/LoginName

Code is as shown below

Paste the below function in your NEW web part.

Function GetContent(nod)
On Error Resume Next
dim curUser
userArray = split(GetServerVariable("LOGON_USER"), "\")
if UBound (userArray) > 0 then
curUser = userArray(1)
curUser = userArray(0)
end if

Response.redirect ( GetWorkspaceURL() & "/dashboards/" &
curUser & "/")

End Function

4) Name this web part as SHOWUSERPAGE

5) Add this web part to MY PAGE.

6) So, Now when a user clicks on My Page, automatically they land on their
Personal Page.

7) Other thing is to have a link back  to Portal Site.


9) Create a New Web Part and use this below VB Script to go back to your
main page

Function GetContent(nod)
On Error Resume Next
Response.redirect ( GetWorkspaceURL() )
End Function
10) Name this web part as BACKTOPORTAL

11) Add this webpart to the newly created subdash board.

For Every User on the Site:
As a Workspace co-ordinator you have to create a directory for each user
under Dashboard site and sync the name to their login name. User can be a
co-ordinator for their respectice directory to modify the appearence of that

There is a security risk since users  can import web parts themselves, also, a lot of dashboards  will slow your system down, so keep that in mind.

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