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Permissions problem...

  Asked By: Joseph    Date: Aug 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1086

I am trying to set up a "PTO Request" workflow for our department to
track all of the requests that come in. I got the workflow portion
figured out, I'm just running into a permissions problem.

I started by creating an InfoPath form with all of the info that we'd
want to capture for the request. The supervisor doesn't want Staff A
seeing Staff B's PTO request - This part is KEY!

So I have PTO Request Forms Library where I have the PTO Request Form
as a content type. I then created Secure PTO Request Forms Library
and set the PTO Request Form as the content type. I pointed the
Submit button in the form to this "secure" Library. The supervisor is
the only one who has read permissions to the "secure" Library.

So the idea I had was Joe User would go to the PTO Request Forms
Library, click New, fill out the form, click Submit and have it write
to Secure PTO Request Forms Library. When I set this up, and test it,
I get Access Denied because the staff doesn't have access to the
Secure PTO Request FL.

Does anyone have a better approach to what I'm trying to accomplish
or a solution to my approach?

I just have to believe that someone else has tried to accomplish
something along these lines.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jasper Hatfield     Answered On: Aug 04

I would like to put this one out there to see if I'm missing
something or if there is another solution that I'm not seeing:

I'm creating  an InfoPath form  for my department  (and other depts.
eventually) for Paid Time Off (PTO) requests  and then tie a workflow
to it so that once the form is submitted, a task is created and
assigned to our supervisor and he can then approve or deny the
request. If he approves, then a Calendar appointment would be made
and an email would be sent to the Requestor. If he denied it, then an
email would be sent to the Requestor with Comments from the

The one problem  that I'm running  into is that staff  A can't see Staff
B's request  (i.e. She doesn't need to know I need a day for
psychiatric help) So I thought that I would have the form write to a
secure Forms Library instead of the one that the Staff would
originally go to. The problem is when I click Submit on the form I
get Access Denied because the staff don't have permission to write to
that Library.

Any ideas or a direction to go in?

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