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Permissions for content type

  Asked By: Kaci    Date: Nov 23    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 10375

Is there any way to set permissions for content type in sharepoint .



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Siobhan Waller     Answered On: Nov 23

No. Permissions may only be set  at the Web Application (by policy),
site collection, site, list/library, or list item/document level. There
are ways to only display certain Content Types via views and/or audience
targeting, but this isn't really security.

Answer #2    Answered By: Lorenzo Steele     Answered On: Nov 23

I have a document library called "project document library" and it contains 8
different content  type.I want my engineers to only view only 2 of the content
types . How can i set  it ?

As i tried i only found a way where : i can create two different library's and
separate the content types.But i asked to create the content types in same
library and restrict engineers to see the content types.

Is there a way to do it?

Answer #3    Answered By: Divakar Naik     Answered On: Nov 23

SharePoint doesn't allow us to manage permissions  for a content  type... I would
say.. try and create a jquery function and add it to the page... to look for
that content type  and hide it.. I am just putting an idea.. I am noit sure if
you can do it that way...

Answer #4    Answered By: Christian Gross     Answered On: Jan 27

Hi, if you have still this requirement try the ContentType Permission for SharePoint 2010 / 2013 from Solutions2Share. There you can control who can create a content type.
Here is the link: www.solutions2share.net/.../...TypePermission.aspx

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