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Permission Problem & XSLT code

  Asked By: Scottie    Date: Aug 08    Category: MOSS    Views: 954

I have a MOSS site-collection and one sub-site. In the sub-site I have a custom
list, and custom DFWP with custom XSLT code. The XSLT code has 3-4 "modules"
which I have placed in the "Style Library" of the root site per instructions
from this group.

This works fine for all site-collection admins.

BUT, for users with read access to root site + contribute access to sub-site,
they cannot display the customized aspx page containing my DFWP.

Hmmmm - is this expected?



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Upendra Bordoloi     Answered On: Aug 08

Just found out that when I look at Style Library (root site) with SPD and
Properties, on secutity tab, the permissions list/page/view is ALL blank.

When I do the same on another site-collection, on secutity tab, the permissions
list/page/view is FULL of "restricted reads."

Did all security settings get erased when I added a folder to hold my XSLT?
If so, do I just added it back as it is on another site-collection?

Answer #2    Answered By: Ali Javed     Answered On: Aug 08

I would begin by creating a test user account. I would copy the Full Control
permission set to create a custom permission  set, assign the test user this
permission set, and begin to take away their access  until you figure out what
access they can have and what access they can't have. I assume you already
aren't inheriting permissions from the parent so I won't go there...

Answer #3    Answered By: Karrie Wooten     Answered On: Aug 08

Did you publish your style  library? and approve the style sheets?

Answer #4    Answered By: Alan West     Answered On: Aug 08

No I did not "publish" the Style Library, and I do not know what "approve"
means for a file. After all, the Style Library is only a container for files.

This "publish" stuff has me totally confused. To me there are only read  &
write file types, and saved and not saved files.

Thus, as I make changes with SPD, I ONLY save them. I have not "published"
anything. I have not had problems (yet) with this process.

Answer #5    Answered By: Maribel Todd     Answered On: Aug 08

The problem  is that the Style library  is a document library, and not just a
container for files. Document libraries have additional capabilities that
control access  to and the visibility of files stored in them. Things like
whether require approval, versioning, etc are turned on will affect the
visibility of files.

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