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People Results display what AD groups he/she's a part of?

  Asked By: Tarak    Date: Apr 24    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1732

I just realized something this morning. When I search for a person, it
lists the AD groups that the person is a part of. Is there a way to not
show what groups that he/she is a part of? Particularly, we have a
group for survey respondents that is supposed to be anonymous and now I
can search and see everyone that's part of the group.

The same thing for when I go to someone's My Site page, it shows me
what groups we have in common. Is there a way to close that web part?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Adalberto Merrill     Answered On: Apr 24

You can edit the search results  page to display  results however you
want. Just put the page  in edit mode and try it out. You can edit the
People search  Core Results web part  XSL and change how the results are
displayed, remove fields from results, etc...

As far as the MySite, are you sure it's showing AD groups  you have in
common? Which web  part are you referring to exactly? The In Common
With You is determined by your shared colleagues (those who share the
same manager as you), shared manager (the first one) and memberships
(sites that you are both a member of). The Organization Hierarchy is
built using the Manager profile property. I'm not exactly sure where
you're seeing AD groups on the profile page of the mysites.

Regardless, you could use feature stapling to delete a webpart from the
page as a mysite is created. It's a pretty involved process, but
definitely doable. Of course you would still have to write some code to
delete the web part from the existing mysites, and nothing would prevent
the user from just adding it back if he/she is savvy enough.

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