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People Picker issue

  Asked By: Sonya    Date: Sep 28    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1705

Our test and prod environments have 3 web servers, an index, a query,
and db servers and an ISA box.

In production, I have two web apps, one of which is my mYSite host and
the other is the team site. When I search for people using the People
Picker (PP) command on both these web apps, I get different results.
For example, searching for "Smith" directly in AD returns 3 accounts;
in the team site I get only 2 while I get 3 in the MySite host.

Some of the things we've discovered while troubleshooting the issue.
We have over 10000 users so we added an AD group as visitors to the
team site instead of adding these users individually. When I add a
particular user as an individual user to the team site, I am able to
see this user displayed on the People Picker Browse.

Another thing we found out is that if a user hasn't created a MySite,
this user doesn't appear on the team site PP but DOES appear on the
MySite PP.

To try to explain what's happening, we're thinking that the team site
is getting its info from the site collection list while the MySite ho
is taking its info from the Profile db. But aren't these two supposed
to be synchronized? If no, then how can I synchronize them? But if
this is the right explanation for this, then how can I reconcile the
creation of My Site to this theory? Would creating MySite add this
user to the team site's site collection list?

In the test environment with the same architecture I don't see this
issue. I'm trying to understand why the web sites in prod behave
differently and why I don't see the same behavior in test.

I'm so confused. Will someone please explain to me how the people
picker behaves exactly and what it does in the background?



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