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"All People" - Don't want users to "see" other users

  Asked By: Darren    Date: Sep 02    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2215

We are currently using a WSS 2.0 site collection for our external
leadership groups. The top level site has anonymous access enabled,
then each subsite is restricted for each group. This has been working
pretty well for us. The reason we are only using one site collection is
because we're using a hosting company for this and don't want to
purchase a separate site for each group.

We are now looking to move this site collection into WSS 3.0. Problem
is, I am really nervous about this "All People" link on the quick
launch. No matter what I've tried, basic site "members" can click
on "All People" and see a full list of site collection users. That is
NOT what we want. We only want site collection admins to see these

Am I missing something? I can't imagine why they'd let you have unique
permissions for subsites, yet allow all users to see all other users
(contact info and all).



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Answer #1    Answered By: Caleb Gordon     Answered On: Sep 02

I'm going to add more details here as I run into even more strange

In an effort to remove the ability to view user info, I created a new
permissions group  called "Contribute without User Info". It is a copy
of "Contribute" but I unchecked the option to view user info  of other
site users  (which I didn't even want to do- I just want to exclude
other site  collection users who aren't part of that site).

Anyway, after I did this, I changed my members  group
from "contribute" permissions to "contribute without User Info". I
then logged in as one of the site members, and when I clicked
on "people and groups" I got this bizarre message saying the list
doesn't exist and that it may have been deleted by another site user!

So I logged back in as myself (site collection  admin), and sure
enough I was able to access  the "people and groups" link  just fine.

Anyone understand this new user info list  in v3? I'm
getting really annoyed with it. I initially thought it was very cool,
but I'm beginning to miss the simple old "manage site users" from

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