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Outlook 2007 and MOSS

  Asked By: Stella    Date: Jun 05    Category: MOSS    Views: 769

We are still in test mode with MOSS and we have run across something
that is just confusing. Two people are having trouble with Outlook
2007. Apparently something in SharePoint integrates with Outlook and
puts paths in the account settings so that Outlook seems to be trying to
read from those settings when it does a send and receive. This causes
errors for two people (including me). Others don't seem to have these
settings in Outlook and what we don't understand is where they are
coming from in the first place.

In Outlook, if I click Tools, Account Settings, Data Files, I see an
entry for a SharePoint pst file on my hard drive. If I click on the
SharePoints Lists tab, I have two entries, one for read and one for
write, pointing to my "My Site" area on the portal. The other user who
has a problem said his listings in Outlook were pointing to mine too,
rather than his own. When Outlook tries to do a send and receive, I get
an error message saying it can't find the SharePoint pst file. The
other guy gets a request for login (because of our proxy server). I
have 8 other testers, all of whom have used the same webparts that I
have and all of whom have their own My Site but none of these folks have
any Outlook problems.

We have no idea how SharePoint is doing this. If it matters, I am the
one who installed SharePoint on the server. Can anyone point us to a
reference so we can understand what's going on here?



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