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Organize our processes using sharepoint and webparts. How?

  Asked By: Phenil    Date: May 26    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1106

We are quiet new to sharepoint and don't know how to organize our documentation on sharepoint.

The company I work for want to start implement processes - and I'm helping them do that.
To do that we need the right platform to do that - and we think Sharepoint is the right choice.

This is what we want to do.

We want a searchable platform capturing all our processes. How to review code, how to develop software. All these things as a tailored version of MSF.

We have the following requirements to this platform:
- Must support linking. Like hyperlinks on webpages.
- Must support linking to documents - like word templates.
- Must support text, diagrams, pictures, tables etc.
- Must be under source control. We are using subversion at the moment.
- Must not be binary - it should be a source we can diff.
- Must be Searchable
- Must support different views. One view could be filtered according to role. Another view could be filtered according to project phase. This means seperation of content into parts we can put together.
- Must be easy to support, maintain and deploy.

I've looked a bit at sharepoint and webparts.

The approach I came up with was the following:
Handle workflow through sharepoint
Content is maintained in html pages and aspx pages if necassery. This is implemented using the page viewer webpart and a separate web solution under source control.

In this way we can build different views in sharepoint by using the page viewer webpart and the content html pages as building blocks.

Is this a good solution?

Please comment this. Somebody out there must have a lot of knowledge to share with me on how to implement this.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Mackenzie Lewis     Answered On: May 26

It sounds like you want to store everything in a single list... maybe just a wiki? First, you aren't going to have any true SCM integration with content  residing in SharePoint... only the custom code  you develop. But are you really looking for SCM (ie: brancing, atomic commits, merging, labels/tags etc) or version  control while retaining history? If it's the latter, SharePoint provides that on every list by retaining versions of the content. You can also create multiple views  which present the contents within the list in different formats. All the conent will reside in a list in text  form and you can see the previous versions.

One thing I'd strive for is to not use web  Parts to store the data, but only to present it if the SharePoint list views don't support  what you're looking for.

Another option is to look at the MOSS Publishing (WCM) capabilities as this sounds like a pure content centric site. You get everything I explain above, plus a nice rich text Web editing experience as well as a way to author content in Word or InfoPath and have it automatically converted to Web pages  (see document converters in the SDK).

Answer #2    Answered By: Kurt Gilbert     Answered On: May 26

MOSS Publishing is also referred to as MOSS Web Content Management (WCM). My blog is loaded with WCM stuff (that's my sweet spot in the product). Here's some terminology (www.andrewconnell.com/.../...inologyExplained.aspx) as well as big linkfest (www.andrewconnell.com/.../MossWcmResources.aspx).

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