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Options for graphic KPI displays

  Asked By: Margret    Date: Jan 29    Category: MOSS    Views: 1702

I'm using SharePoint 2007 MOSS. So far I've found that OOTB SharePoint 2007 MOSS can display KPI info in the form of a (text) list; you must add/configure using 1-2 menus each line of text that will appear on this KPI list and then a very small graphic image will appear at the end of the text line (atiny green, yellow or red) graphic indicating the relative status of some individual measure.

So if you have 20 people you're trying to track KPIs on you must enter each person, one at at time individually to a KPI LIST and then if your table has a total or average value somewhere htat you wan to appear (to show an overall team value of some sort) you must add it, like the other, individually, tothe KPI List andname it appropriately.

So, this is not really considered a graphic display. Other than going back to dsiplaying a whole Excel table or graph repsenting a table on a site, what can be done to have more of a dashboard type graphic display...that is some much larger easy to read graphic display of values taken from a table/excel spreadsheet/or other list within the same site.

Can this be done OOTB (books seem to say. no)? Can this be done easily using SP Designer?....or doses this requires sifting through 100s lines of code, using SP Designer, by someone with years of coding experience.

How close can i get without huge amounts of coding, to getting a large dashboard-like graphic. Should I just buy or find download for new charting options in Excel an go back to displaying an excel sheet on the site?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Julia Washington     Answered On: Jan 29

I guess there is no such OOB feature available in MOSS 2007.

Basing on your requirements you can go with either of the options,

1) No code required: www.endusersharepoint.com/.../

2) SQL Server Reporting services can be used to display a dashboard basing on the list data blogs.msdn.com/.../...h-wss-3-0-and-moss-2007.aspx

3) Chart web part www.datasprings.com/.../...ePointChartWebPart.aspx

4) visifire silverlight charts blogs.msdn.com/.../...g-with-custom-list-data.aspx

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