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Optimal Server Configuration (RAM + Disk)

  Asked By: Aditiya    Date: Feb 14    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 2256

Another server build question, as it relates to performance and

Say you have a server w/5GB RAM. What's the best way to configure, tweak,
optimize, etc for Sharepoint, given that it's an Exchange-based server? I
know there are some store limitations or defaults that won't work well
unless you change them.

Anyone have a good link for this kind of tuning?

This server will be dedicated to Sharepoint.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Luke Davis     Answered On: Feb 14

Yes, I've looked at the whitepaper many times as well as the text in Chapter
15 of the Resource Kit "Optimizing Performance of Sharepoint Portal Server".
They are very similar.

Once thing I just read/realized is that in the Resource Kit for Win2k
Server, it says that it only can access 4GB of RAM anyway. So the /3GB
option makes it so that the OS uses 1GB and the apps use 3GB. Can nothing
access the other GB?

Or put another way - is that extra GB totally useless? I can easily take it
out and apply it to another server; say an Exchange server  w/only 2GB.

It would be cool if we had some central place where people could claim which
of the tuning settings they've enabled:

- MaxSessions Registry Setting
- Log Buffers Registry Setting
store  Database Cache Size
- /3GB switch in Boot.ini
- whether you've used catutil to move store files
- MsSearch CacheSizeMax Setting
(maybe this is a good  use for the 5th GB?)
- ASP Engine In-process or pooled
- ASP settings
- Dashboard and Web Part Caches


Then we could know what works, if anyone has had problems, etc. Kind of a
central configuration  database.

Answer #2    Answered By: Daniella Landry     Answered On: Feb 14

Yes, the /3GB switch will allow you to use 4GB but the other GB will not
be used... that is until you load .NET Advanced Server and SPS V2 :)

So, in the interim, you may wish to use the other GB somewhere else.

As for your other fine tunings, you may want to download the Microsoft
Solution For Intranets papers (following may wrap... although I prefer

Those papers explain many of the settings and how they are fine tuned
for the things you are wanting.

Answer #3    Answered By: Bo Stafford     Answered On: Feb 14

Haven't had a chance to make any ASP setting changes. As the White on
Portal performance  indicates, such changes could bring the server  down so I
am trying to avoid them. In addition when I set up performance counters I
did not get any indication that ASP requests, queue's, etc, were high.

I have setup Dashboard definition caching along with web part caching and
this has improved the speed of the dashboard when it loads. Next step is to
try log buffer settings. I did see a slight improvement on a test server
when changing this. Also, another is the resource usage on the SharePoint
MMC for indexin and searching, setting these to background also helps.

The server only has 2 Gigs of RAM so the /3GB would probably not help...also
the documentation states taht this should only be used for Advanced Server
not just plain old server.

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