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Opinions on what the best practices would be for external site topography

  Asked By: Edward    Date: Jan 30    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1604

I've got a bunch of highly non-technical users that are going to be migrating content from a current site that was previously created in FrontPage (Oh, the horrors I've seen in auditing their content!). The site is externally facing only, with no collaboration functionality at this time (basically using SharePoint as a really expensive version of IIS right now).

I want to make this process as simple as possible for the end-users (who are extremely non-technical in nature overall), and the only really hard requirement for permissions is an Approval workflow and some granularity in permissions for each subsection of the site. I have a site map that I'm going to duplicate in SharePoint, and I don't know that subsites for each section are the answer, as that introduces a lot of functionality that they're not going to be using.

To add to all this, the project sponsor has a design firm doing a bunch of custom branding work, so at the end of the day, the users will have 4-5 "approved" page templates to choose from in recreating their site in SharePoint.

So what's the best way for me to arrange the site map in SharePoint, while allowing permission granularity, and still retaining the ability to be branded and utilize the aforementioned page layouts? If I create subsites for each section, doesn't that leave me with a bunch of master page and layout galleries to manage?

Please let me know if I can elaborate on anything more specifically. I've done a lot of work already, but I've hit a bit of a knowledge gap and wanted some opinions!



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Answer #1    Answered By: Kristian Chaney     Answered On: Jan 30

Looks like you're on the right path. I'm at about the same stage as you at the moment with my roll out although without the horrors of a FP site  ;)

I think you're right to look at a bunch of sites for each distinct unit in an organisation because of the ability to share information across pages of a site. One of the points I've been trying to get accross to our site managers is the difference between sites and pages. I've seen SharePoint site where sites have been created  where pages should've been and pages have been created where sites would have been better.

You shouldn't have to worry about managing the page layouts and masterpage galleries as I believe they are all managed from the root of the site. And you can make sure that every site inherits page layouts and masterpages from its parent. Obviously you could get someone who starts to mess with those but if you restrict permissions or even remove the option from the site settings then you shouldn't run into that problem (I think / hope!)

A good governance plan would be of some assistance. That will make sure that once the users  get hold of the site to add content  to they understand what they can and can't do and why they can't do what they want. So for instance, part of the Governance plan could include when to use which of the page layouts and what customisations are allowed on each site.