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An odd problem

  Asked By: Rico    Date: Mar 15    Category: MOSS    Views: 757

Yet another strange problem with MOSS 2007. I have a group of sites all
under another site





Each site (A to G) contains a list. The top site has a CQWP which lists
the contents of each of the lists in A to G. It seems to work I create a
few items in the lists and they appear in the CQWP. Now I add another
user and give them access to the Top site and one of the subsites - say
A for example. This person can go to the Top site and they only see the
list items in the CQWP from site A which is fine. They can visit site A
and explore the list seeing the only item in it. They can click on the
list item and see each of the fields just as you would expect. However,
if they click on the link to the same list item in the CQWP they get the

List does not exist

The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have
been deleted by another user.

Troubleshoot issues with Windows SharePoint Services.

Good eh. But of course the list does exits.

Does anyone know how to fix this. Also does anyone know if there is a
service pack for MOSS 2007 due soon.



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