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Object creation error - trying to probe portal with SPS held on different machine

  Asked By: Gustavo    Date: Nov 04    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 777

We have recently moved our SPS off our web server and on to a separate
machine. Thus, we have a web site that tries to interface with SPS on
another machine. For example, from the website you can add new people to
SPS - so the code makes use of the knowledgefolder object.

Since the move, then I receive the error:

Microsoft Active Server Pages error '80070005'

Access denied

At first I thought it was the DLL's being called (pkmcdo) [which are held on
the web server still] and that they do not have the required file
permissions. However, these are all ok, I suspect, as the program is able to
get some way through before failing (e.g. it allows me to switch 'prompt to
authenticate' off). It fails when it tries to open the workspace using 'data
source open' - so I am guessing the problem is a permissions one on the new
lone SPS machine (maybe to do with logon permissions?). I have tried
changing the logon rights to the machine but to avail.



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