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Could not open the Server

  Asked By: Brianne    Date: Dec 22    Category: Sharepoint    Views: 1010

I am getting a strange message of 'Could not open the server' and I
am unable to access any of the workspaces. In the administrator also
I get the same message and could not find the sharepoint server. I
have some 5 workspaces. None of them is visible. But, when I mapped
m: to \\.\backofficestorage I could see all the documents and the
workspaces in the explorer window. So, the documents are not lost, I
The problem is, all of a sudden all the virtual directories in the
inetmgr got disappeared. I have manually created those too but no use.
Any idea how I can access the server.
Will the repair installation help?



4 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Sylvia Barrett     Answered On: Dec 22

Make sure that

1) The SPS service is running. This depends on the Exchange information
2) IIS is running. Sometimes it helps to restart IIS

Answer #2    Answered By: Cody Hinton     Answered On: Dec 22

I recently had the same problem. I ended up using the msdmback utility
located in the bin directory to backup SharePoint. I ran the repair
installation and then restored my backup. Everything works fine now.

Answer #3    Answered By: Vicky Gillespie     Answered On: Dec 22

But I could not use the msdmback utility.
When I ran the command, it says some error in MSSearch.
If I run the repair  installation, will it delete all the files I have
created? Do I need to take backup?
I have checked whether all the services are running and that is not a

Answer #4    Answered By: Clara Heath     Answered On: Dec 22

I don't believe it will delete any of the documents  that you have added, but
if you have made any changes to the SharePoint files they will probably be
replaced with the originals. Did you try restarting all of the services
including the IIS Admin service? How about rebooting? If the msdmback
utility still doesn't work, I would manually  backup what you can from the M:
drive just to be safe.

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